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  1. Barbarian Translation - The Trojan War: Mouldwarp Press Presents #3
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Barbarian Translation - The Trojan War: Mouldwarp Press Presents #3

Thanks DL! This sounds great. I've been doing a series of short stories each exactly words, including the title. Do you have a theme? Ignore the URL. But I'll help you out however I can. I'm into short stories these days. No theme. I feel very privileged to be one of the authors you have chosen to work with following your much-lamented retirement. I have learned so much from you, and it is thanks to you that I am much more knowledgeable about writing and publishing books than I was twelve years ago.

I wish also to acknowledge all the support and advice given to me by my American editor, Susanna Porter, and her lovely team, who welcomed me so warmly to New York last summer. Finally, I should like to acknowledge all the efforts put in on my behalf by the unsung heroes of the publishing team at Jonathan Cape and Random House, notably: Neil Bradford, Sophie Hartley, and Kay Peddle. I thank you all, from the bottom of my heart. The Boleyns 2.


The Carey Connections 3. The Careys 4. The Knollys Connections 5. The Stafford Family 1. The Eldest Daughter 2.

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The Best of Husbands 3. Into the Realm of France 4. A Very Great Whore?

William Carey, of the Privy Chamber 6. The Assault on the Castle of Virtue 7. Living in Avoutry 8.

Hiding Royal Blood Photo Insert 9. The Sister of Your Former Concubine In Bondage High Displeasure Photo reproduced by courtesy of H. From the collection at Prideaux Place. Denis, Paris. Photo: Pamaer. Photo: John Whitworth, www. She may secretly have borne Henry a child. It was because of his adultery with Mary that his marriage to Anne was declared invalid. It is not hard to see how this tangled web of covert relationships has given rise to rumors and myths that have been embroidered over the centuries, and particularly in recent years, so that the truth about Mary has become obscured.

It may seem strange, in the pages that follow, to see popular history books, some of them decades out of date, compared with serious academic studies, and yet the former are important because it is through them that the mythology of Mary Boleyn has been largely created, nurtured, and reaffirmed; and it is helpful to see where and how misconceptions originated. His matrimonial adventures have been a source of enduring fascination for centuries, and the interest shows no sign of abating.

Is it true that the King was the father of her children? I am often asked these and numerous questions about Mary, and am constantly being made aware, not only of various misconceptions that are accepted as facts by a majority, but also that many others who are well-informed on the subject wonder why Mary Boleyn is so misrepresented. It is for these reasons—and because I have done a lot of unpublished research on her over four decades—that I have written a biography of Mary.

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A serious historical treatment of Mary Boleyn is long overdue. There has been just one admirable, but sadly brief, study by Josephine Wilkinson; I understand that Dr. Wilkinson was constrained by a disadvantageous word limit when she had so much more to say, and she has most generously agreed that I can claim that this is the first full biography of Mary. Many people are asking if this is true! Although the evidence is fragmentary, there are many tantalizing references in contemporary sources that can help provide an answer to the paramount question: what was Henry VIII like as a lover?

Was he the virile Adonis portrayed in The Tudors? Was he, in fact, a bit of a prude in bed?

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In her case, the sources are richer than for those medieval ladies, for she lived in an age of flowering literacy and diplomacy, and we have far more insights into her existence through letters, diplomatic dispatches, and archival records than is the case with any medieval women. As is my usual practice, I consulted all the primary sources first when preparing this book, researching into the expanding and ever-changing narrative, which is, I have found thanks to Sarah Gristwood , the most effective way to write historical biography.

I have also made it clear where I have benefited from their insights and research. She is in the shadow of her famous sister in more than one way. Furthermore, much that is inaccurate has been written about her. Many of the misconceptions come from novels like The Other Boleyn Girl and others of its kind, namely The Last Boleyn by Karen Harper and Court Cadenza by Aileen Quigley , republished as The Tudor Sisters by Aileen Armitage—because people often make the mistake of thinking that what an author of fiction writes must be history—and accurate history.

Barbarian Translation

Yet even historians have often been guilty of making sweeping, unsupported assumptions about Mary Boleyn. This became staggeringly clear when, having researched the original sources, I turned to the secondary ones, which are—with only a few honorable exceptions— littered with inaccuracies.

Time and again, mere assumptions are presented as hard facts—I have lost count of the number of times I noted a source not being cited—and dubious evidence is accepted indiscriminately, as will repeatedly be highlighted in the pages that follow. Some writers merely recirculate and perpetuate old myths, and even sound and respected, reliable and conscientious historians can be guilty of repeating the same misinformation about Mary Boleyn. I have to confess that I too, in earlier books, have sometimes accepted without question what others have written about her. In fact, it is the persistence of the mythology surrounding Mary Boleyn that has been the most disconcerting aspect of my research.

For much of what we might read about Mary, even in history books, should be treated with caution, based as it is on false assumptions. One could go on; the fact is that—as we will see—much of what has been written about Mary Boleyn in history books belongs more properly to historical novels.

For this reason, this book is not only a biography but also a historiography of Mary Boleyn. The approximate modern equivalent at the time of writing is given in parentheses. EarC of "Wift shire dr. Jane di Viscount dr. Sir 'Robert Sj? Joyce dr. I ?

Carey 1" Lord. Elizabeth Spencer issue - - Xatherine m. Mary Hyde d. Sir John "DetavaC —Anne dr. Margaret Cave. Banbury m. Sir Thomas Xatherine m. Leighton Vaughan Joan ? Gerald d. Joan widow of 'William Lane Jfumphrey m.

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Margaret Sir Wiffiam m. Xirhy and Chehsey dr. Williams m. It is a beautiful place, surrounded by woods, farms, sweeping parkland and gardens— gardens that were old in the fifteenth century, and which once surrounded the fifteenth century moated manor house of the Boleyn family, the predecessor of the present building.

Norfolk also boasted more churches than any other English shire, miles of beautiful coastline and a countryside and waterways teeming with a wealth of wildlife. Here, at Blickling, nine miles from the sea, the Boleyn children took their first steps, learned early on that they had been born into an important and rising family, and began their first lessons. By comparison, Mary was left in the wings, with fame and fortune always eluding her. Instead, she is remembered as an infamous whore.