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He worked for four years as a journalist, becoming a reporter on the Daily Mail.

He left journalism, qualified as a lawyer and has practised in Birmingham since His Mother Lodge, St. Pauls No.

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He has lectured on Masonic history and Rudyard Kipling. Richard has been married to Jane for over 40 years and they have two children and six grandchildren. Man and Mason-Rudyard Kipling. Richard Jaffa. Rudyard Kipling remains one of the most intriguing and elusive personalities in English literature. He was a Nobel laureate, prolific writer, political figure and one of the outstanding men of his era.

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The book was terrific. Great insight to the Kipling and his Masonic background. October 28, - Published on Amazon. I'm only into about thirty pages I hope it will get more into his Masonic history.

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As a Past Master of my Lodge. December 17, - Published on Amazon.

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Man and Mason - Rudyard Kipling In our post-modern world, a man like Rudyard Kipling can't help but be viewed as a deeply ambiguous character. Unapologetically conservative and an avid booster of British imperialism, he nevertheless penned a broad volume of work that, in verse and prose, influenced millions during his lifetime and continues to entertain to this day.

Lesser known or appreciated by many readers, however, is Kipling's deep and heartfelt connection to Freemasonry - a tie which directly and indirectly played a part in some of his most famous writings. He notes about Kipling: "When you survey the whole of Kipling's writings, both fictional and factual, the number of Masonic references is extensive.

With his retentive memory, just as he found Biblical language came easily, he frequently used a word, phrase or expression that he had absorbed from Masonic ritual. Many referenced have not generally been recognized, as most non-Masonic writers have not always spotted when Kipling slips into the language of Masonic ritual.

Man And Mason-Rudyard Kipling | Saerkjaer Biblioteket | TinyCat

These words are found scattered in his stories, poems, and speeches, as well as the use of Freemasonry as a benchmark for the conduct or behavior of characters. His parents, like many British Colonials, sent young Rudyard and his sister back to England for their education. This separation proved especially lonely and difficult for Kipling. A mediocre student and medically unfit for the military, he returned to India in and began a career as a journalist in Lahore now Pakistan.

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This period would be his most Masonically active; later, Kipling only infrequently visited lodges. But his time with Hope and Perseverance - a mixed lodge of British and Native Indians - left an indelible impression on the emerging author and, as Jaffa argues, helped shape Kipling's personal vision of the world.

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Man and Mason - Rudyard Kipling offers a solid biographical survey together with some very interesting insights into how Freemasonry influenced Kipling as a man and a writer. Indeed, Jaffa spends much of the book identifying and discussing Masonic references in Kipling's individual works. This is essential reading for anyone serious about understanding Kipling and the Craft.

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