Flirting with Danger (Survival)

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Yakima Canutt is considered the father of Hollywood stuntsmen, and he did a stunt where he climbed onto a stage coach, when it was moving at an incredible pace. He climbed on top of it and then down and later underneath it. We created a modern version of this stunt. I was in a car that was driving down a runway at 60 miles an hour. I climbed out of the car and climbed all the way underneath it, side to side, and back in on the other side.

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Fear is not a factor that an escape artiste can consider, but, are there some moments that are scary even for him? They were pretty adrenaline-fuelled situations. His mantra for success seems to lie entirely on focus and strategy. There have been some difficult moments for Goodwin during his career, but like all escapologists, he has taken it in his stride, always looking forward to the next big thing.

There are many more dangerous stunts planned for him up ahead, and he is looking forward to doing them. It was probably the biggest challenge that I had. And in order to create series two, you know, I have to go back to the drawing board and start training and learning all these skills. As one of the finest escape artistes in the field of escapology, Goodwin has been a daredevil in more ways than one.

It's no secret that men snap to attention and even go dry at the mouth at the sight of a shapely woman.

Flirting with Danger By C. P. Webster-Scholten

It is a visual signal that not only figures powerfully in attraction but is a moving force in flirtation. And unless steel-boned corsets stage a comeback, it is an attribute that just can't be put into play unless it is real. In simplest terms, says Gangestad, waist-hip ratio is an honest indicator of health. Studies have shown that hourglass-shaped women are less likely than other women to get diabetes and cardiac disease. They are also most likely to bear children, as hips take their shape at puberty from the feminizing hormone estrogen.

The virtually visceral responsiveness to physical features in flirtation may also be as good a guarantee as one can get that a potential partner shapes up on a hidden but crucial aspect of health immunity to disease. Scientists know that the testosterone that gives men jutting jaws, prominent noses and big brows, and, to a lesser extent, the estrogen that gives women soft features and curving hips, also suppresses the ability to fight disease. But looks have their own logic, and bodies and faces that are exemplars of their gender signal that their bearer has biological power to spare; after all, he or she has survived despite the hormonal "handicap.

Take the case of such elaborate male ornamentation as peacock tails and stag antlers. In the s, evolutionary biologists William Hamilton and Marlena Zuk linked such features to inborn resistance to disease parasites. Antlers and tail feathers are known to be attractive to females of their species and are major machinery of flirtation. But developing and maintaining such extravagant equipment is costly, taking huge nutritional resources and even slowing the animals down, making them more vulnerable to predators.

The only animals that can afford such ornamentation are those with tiptop constitutions. So, like big bones, big horns, big tails and big spurs in animals, jutting-jaws are honest markers for a healthy immune system. Scientists point out that such features are in fact respected by other men as well as attractive to women. Studies show that tall, square-jawed men achieve higher ranks in the military than do those with weak chins. Whatever specific physical features men and women are primed to respond to, they all have a quality in common-symmetry. That is, attributes deemed attractive have an outward appearance of evenness and right-left balance.

Unlike the color and condition of tail feathers, symmetry serves not so much as an honest marker of current health status, but as a signal of a general capacity to be healthy. Symmetry, says Gangestad, is "a footprint left by your whole developmental history.

Survival Flirting With Danger Guppy Pete 1846806011

He and Gangestad believe it is a marker of "developmental precision," the extent to which a genetic blueprint is realized in the flesh despite all the environmental and other perturbations that tend to throw development off course. Recent studies conducted by the two demonstrate not only that women prefer symmetrical men, they prefer them at a very specific time-when they are most fertile. Because the preference for male symmetry is specific to the time of ovulation, when women are most likely to conceive, we think women are choosing a mate who is going to provide better genes for healthy babies.

It's an indirect benefit, rather than a direct or material benefit to the female herself. In their study, 52 women rated the attractiveness of 42 men-by their smell. Each of the men slept in one T-shirt for two nights, after which the women were given a whiff of it.

Prior to the smell test, all the men had undergone careful calipered measurement of 10 features, from ear width to finger length. Those whose body features were the most symmetrical were the ones whose smells were most preferred, but only among women who were in the ovulatory phase of their menstrual cycle. At other times in their cycle, women had no preference either for symmetrical or asymmetrical males. The preference for symmetry is not limited to humans. Thornhill first stumbled upon symmetry two decades ago, during experiments with scorpion flies in Australia, Japan and Europe.

He noticed that females chose particular male flies on the basis of the level and quality of "nuptial gifts," nutrients passed to the female during courtship and mating. But the more time he spent recording the sexual lives of scorpion flies, the more he realized that the females were selecting partners long before they sampled any gifts, and they were reckoning by the symmetry of the males' wings.

Since then, Thornhill and colleagues around the world have conducted more than 20 separate tests of symmetry of everything from eyes, ears and nostrils to limbs, wrists and fingers. Even if they never speak a word or get closer than a photograph, women view symmetrical men as more dominant, powerful, richer and better sex and marriage material.

And symmetrical men view themselves the same way! Men, for their part, rate symmetrical women as more fertile, more attractive, healthier and better sex and marriage material, too-just as such women see themselves as having a competitive edge in the mating sweepstakes. Flirtation, it turns out, is most successful among the most symmetrical.

Men's bodily symmetry matches up with the number of lifetime sex partners they report having. Symmetrical men also engage in more infidelity in their romantic relationships-"extra-pair copulations" in the language of the lab. And they get to sex more quickly after meeting a romantic partner compared to asymmetrical men. They lose their virginity earlier in life, too.

When women flirt with symmetrical men, what their instincts are reading might once have been banned in Boston. Male symmetry is also shorthand for female sexual satisfaction. Gangestad and Thornhill surveyed 86 couples in and found that symmetrical men "fire off more female copulatory orgasms than asymmetrical men. Thrills are only a short-term payoff, however; female orgasm is really a shill for fertilization, pulling sperm from the vagina into the cervix.

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Successful as symmetrical men are at flirtation, it's only their presumably better genes that women really want. Women definitely do not prefer symmetrical men for long-term relationships.

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There's a definite downside to getting someone with really good DNA. Symmetry, Gangestad explains, affords those men who possess it to take a dastardly mating strategy. His studies show that symmetrical men invest less in any one romantic relationship-less time, less attention, less money and less fidelity.

They're too busy spreading around their symmetry. A guy who will stick around and help out with parenting is on most women's wish list of qualities in a mate, Gangestad concedes. Unfortunately, says the Albuquerque researcher, "what can and does happen in a mating market is that those things don't all come in the same package.

Although the signals and semaphores of flirting are largely devoid of explicit content, the style with which one flirts can be downright revelatory. Symmetry isn't everything; there are signals of more subtle skills. In some species, the females watch the males fight each other and then choose the one who can hold the central territory But we humans are more differently evolved creatures with more complex lives in which our higher faculties presumably contribute something to success, whether it's surviving in primitive equatorial caves or sophisticated urban ones.

Enter creativity, humor and intelligence. Deployed in flirting, they disclose more about an individual person than all the antlers do about leching animals. They may indicate there's some developmental integrity underneath our brain. What's more, our basic social ability to "read" another's facial gestures and emotional expressions acts as a fact-checking system in flirtation.

It enables us to glimpse the tone of a prospective mate's inner life and to check for the presence or absence of psychological weakness. And in fact, women are pretty good at doping out information about such important attributes-even when they get very little time to make a judgment. In a recent set of studies, Gangestad and a colleague extracted one-minute segments from more extensive videotaped interviews with men not in committed relationships. The brief segments were then shown to women who were asked to rate the men on a variety of characteristics, including how attractive they'd be in a pair relationship.

The women were able to make judgments about each man's intelligence, ability to be caring and how nice he seemed. They also paid attention to another set of characteristics-how effective a man was likely to be with other males, how socially influential he was. The men who were rated most attractive for long-term relationships scored high on both sets of characteristics. But what may be most notable about the study was that women's observations, from a mere snippet of videotape, were remarkably accurate. They correlated closely with the men's ratings of their own personality.

Flirting with danger

After two people share the information that they are attracted, then, through the way they flirt, they may unwittingly let on more about themselves. Thus, while we appear to be pre-programmed with an urge to wile or wiggle our way onto another's mental radar screen, we also seem psychologically constituted to pay rapt attention to looks and actions intended to be sexually appealing.

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Otherwise, neither Liz and Dick nor any two contenders would have a reliable, safe or peaceful means of communicating attraction and getting to the more durable business of courtship, mating and commitment to the offspring that will carry our DNA into the next generation. Back Psychology Today. Back Find a Therapist. Back Get Help. Back Magazine. Subscribe Issue Archive. Back Today.

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