Blowing the Trumpet

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It is a battle cry, or a mournful cry, but its symbolism comes from its sound and the fact that it is the shofar making the sound on the day of Rosh Hashanah.

Blowing the trumpet

The tuba has no inherent symbolism, and its sounds are ultimately judged and understood within the context of a melody or a larger work. Also, he reminded me that shofars are notoriously stinky. Other brass instruments do not tend to carry quite the same level of aroma.

It is nature-made. It is simple. Many people think that a teruah sounds like a voice crying out.

Randy Rothwell - Blow the Trumpet In Zion

All that said, did you know there are some pieces of classical music that call for the use of the shofar? Rosh Hashanah. It is mentioned numerous times in the Bible, in reference to its ceremonial use in the Temple and to its function as a signal-horn of war.

Signs of the Judgment Day | Resurrection (Ma’ad) in the Quran |

Comprised of the Mishnah and the Gemara, it contains the opinions of thousands of rabbis from different periods in Jewish history. We use cookies to improve your experience on our site and bring you ads that might interest you. Over our meetings, over our buildings and over our cities, there is opposition in the heavenlies.

We believe that blowing the SHOFAR during prayer, intercession and worship times causes disturbance and confusion to the spirit realm above us, thus dispersing the opposition and bringing about an open heaven for the glory, power and presence of God to fall. We have seen dramatic changes and fruit from the blowing of the SHOFAR during our intercession and during our worship times.

We do not use this tool as a religious rite but purely as the Spirit leads. We also have testimonies of people blowing the SHOFAR in their homes during prayer times, also seeing breakthrough and victory as a result. We believe that the Lord is in the process of restoring to His people, all of the truths that have been stolen by the devil over the last years. Sinai to receive the tablets of the Law.


And, it will be sounded at the end of days to announce the Return of the Messiah and the Rapture of His Bride. They use numbers to show which valves to use. This would also work well for trombone, as you can use the numbers for the slide position instead. We covered transposition in our Working with Woodwind blog , so if you have questions about transposition, I suggest you go back and take a look.

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