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You have been a wonderful teacher and an even better role model for Bez. The 20th century has seen a splintering of musical activity, and nowhere is this more evident than in the divide between so-called "classical" and "popular" musicians. Traditional classical tuition has often become uninteresting and impractical as it concentrates on mere reproduction of old music, while popular style tuition has lacked the detail and sophistication brought by years of keyboard teaching development.

Realforce RGB gaming keyboard review: Even for Topre fans this is a tough call

From the earliest lessons, students learn a sense of rhythm, develop singing, playing by ear, improvising, composing, and perform a full range of musical styles, including Folk, Gospel, Blues, Contemporary and Classical. To facilitate this appoach, Andrew authored a series of books, The 21st Century Keyboardist , which integrates and develops a full range of skills and knowledge.

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Tuition in Micro-groups. We were very sad to hear your news today - Kirra stood crying in the rain when we left class, she will miss you very much. Small group keyboard tuition is not new; during the nineteenth century many of the greatest teachers such as Franz Liszt used this format almost exclusively, and the approach is still common in major international colleges and academies.

The benefits of group tuition are well established: students are often more motivated by a little healthy competition; are more easily able to grasp certain skills and concepts when able to observe as well as attempt; and are exposed to a greater range of style and repertoire as they observe each other's work. Often, such groups have been limited in their effectiveness either by the use of only one keyboard per group such as the traditional piano class , or by a near total emphasis on class activity, which leaves little room for individual variety and instruction.

Andrew avoids these drawbacks by carefully limiting group size the average is 3 students , streaming students by age and ability, and by providing a professional quality instrument with headphones for each student.


The lesson format combines the best features of group activity with specific individual instruction. Music Tuition for the 21st Century.

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Founded by pianist and scholar Andrew Snedden, the York Keyboard School UK , pioneered a unique system of instruction covering improvisation, composition and keyboard technique through a blend of classical and Afro-American styles, conducted in small groups on electronic and acoustic instruments.

The original A and B models had 61 keys. Eventually seven more keys were added to create the model but not touch-sensitivity.

The x was essentially a housed in a new molded plastic case instead of the previously used vinyl covered plywood. In , RMI came out with the Model which was a with a self-contained sound system aimed more at the home-user market, and the series, which was a stereo version of the with two tone generators per key, but also included some newer sounds. In , RMI produced the pioneering "Keyboard Computer" model keyboard instrument, the first portable digital sample player.

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It produced sounds from waveform model punch cards which were input and digitized into volatile memory, and used no magnetic tapes in contrast to how Mellotron , Chamberlin , and Birotron created their sounds. Stevie Wonder and Isaac Hayes were also rumoured to have this instrument in their rigs.

Review: GameSir GK300 Keyboard

In more recent times, the Harmonic Synthesizer was used by Richard D. This model was produced until The company ceased to exist by From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

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